Estee Tey Siew Wen

A software developer that wants to make people happy with better user experiences. Competent in full-stack, but prefers frontend development.

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Outside of work, I enjoy building projects to teach & brush up fundamentals + mastery over frontend frameworks.

Keyboard Simulator

A Advent of CSS project to simulate a keyboard simulator mini game.

Check out the code View the live demo

Scrollbar Playground

A playground website for developers to learn how different parts of the scrollbar UI can be customized.


Sencha Teahouse

A mini e-commerce app to buy drinks & desserts, made with React Native + Typescript

React NativeTypescriptFlipperNative Base


React NativeTypescriptNative BaseFlipper


A website made for publicity of Reminiscence, SUTD's white day event 2019


Engineers.SG Events-API

A Node.js harvester service that scrapes for Meetup tech groups in Singapore, and fetch upcoming events to notify 200+ local developers in the DevSG_events telegram group.


ISTD 1D Project Showcase

This website was built for the virtual showcase of Singapore University of Technology's ISTD 1D Exhibition 2020, and features a total of ~80 projects completed by ~400 students.



Recoil is an action-platformer game where you assume the role of Pingu the Penguin, on a journey to rescue Benedict the Egg, who has been kidnapped by the Navy Seal.

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